Marion P., August 9, 2017

I can't thank you enough for your devotion and sensitivity toward the security needs of our beautiful children. I buy your entertaining books for my three grandchildren who take the moral of your stories to heart.  I love your new website Cherrye and will visit often to keep up with your wonderful works! 

Angie B., July 3, 2017

Dr. Cherrye...you are a wonderful resource for parents who are struggling to find the best ways to support our little ones at school and outdoors.

Shari M., May 20, 2017

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Andrea T. January 26, 2018

Hoping my remarks reach your desk because I offer reassurance that you are performing an essential service to parents and children and from reading your site, educators as well. I bought your Christmas book for my twins at Christmas and so far, it must have been read at least a dozen times, even well into January.  Keep up the good work Dr. Vasquez! I`ll continue to follow you and recommend you to my P.A. group!