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August 19, 2019

The Finding Your Path Project

Supporting Youth Through School Transitions

Going Back to School: Help for Parents Dealing with School Bullies  


August 1, 2019

Just recently I was asked to write an article for Darlene Harris, owner and Director of the Restoreth My Soul blog site. 

The overall theme is titled: 'Hope Against the Odds: Broken Hope Like Broken Crayons Still Work.' As a challenge, I took this topic and put my on slant on it as related to the genre that you, my audience, may need. 

The article will be go live and will be featured sometime in October, so be looking for it.  I will share the direct link with my readers.


Dr. Cherrye

Diversity Awareness Month

AUGUST is DIVERSITY Month. How can YOU make a positive difference? With so much divisiveness going on in our country, this month is very significant.