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Special Mentions


Bulletin Board!

If you're looking for a go to location to announce your child or teen's special achievement or wish to honor a child or teen's special contribution to a class or work group, then you've come to the right place!  I have reserved this page for Kudos and Special Mentions for kids and teens to let them know how appreciated they are for their extraordinary contribution to any project or group effort. Each month, I will honor a different child or teen and if space permits, I will feature more than one.  


email:  CherryeVasquez@gmail.com

Kudos to Addie & Danny!

Mentor Tess honors two young researchers in her Summer Library Group!  One topic of research and study was 'PEER PRESSURE' at the middle and High School grade levels!  Tess split her group into pairs of buddy researchers and though all were awesome contributors, one young duo excelled by going that extra mile to find highly relevant research that benefitted the entire class.

TESS is delighted to confer a special SHOUT OUT to two very dedicated kids who made an outstanding contribution to the class!

Congratulations Addie and Danny and keep up the good work!