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About Me

As a retired public-school administrator and an adjunct professor, I am now free to pursue my love of teaching children and teens, especially in a classroom setting. 

My portfolio includes intensive experience and the following credentials...

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction
  • Master of Education in Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology/Audiology
  • Certification in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management and Educational Diagnostician

Location Options...

For geographical purposes, I teach in a virtual classroom environment via Skype and/or Google Hangout but I am able to accommodate in-person instruction at schools within my local area. 

Available Courses...

See 'Writing That Makes Sense' course below

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Course Introduction

As an educator, I’ve learned that writing can be a very daunting task for some children. Through experience, however, I’ve found that when children are taught how to use their five (5) senses to develop their writing, their stories actually ‘come alive’ painting picturesque sceneries. The hope for this activity is for children to learn how to draw their readers into their stories so well it makes the reader feel as though they are right there within the storyline.

Believe it or not, I used this same lesson with my own child, so I believe in its value and worth. I am happy to report that my child writes extremely well. Utilizing this activity only enhanced her love for writing as she develops highly interesting stories... SHOW/DON’T TELL.

To Learn More...

Educators should contact me by email to discuss course particulars, price structure, scheduling and the training materials that I will provide for this classroom course.

Please include your location (city/town/state/country), school name and class size and I will reply within twenty-four (24) hours to dialog, answer questions and complete set-up arrangements.

Note:  All courses are instructed in English.

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