Holiday Writing Contest

This contest runs from November 1 - December 15, 2019

Dear Parents,

The holidays can be a great time for reading, but writing is also something children can spend time doing as well, especially:

· On Winter Break

· Driving to see relatives

· Sitting with family by the fireplace

· Just before going to bed

· Anytime they want to because Writing can be soothing

Benefits of Writing

· Writing can be soothing and relaxing for your child’s soul

· Writing helps your child express who they are

· Writing helps build your child’s creativity

· Writing helps your child build communication skills

· Writing helps your child build higher level thinking skills

· Writing helps your child reflect further

Before you get started, please consider:

Sharing the holiday writing contest with other family members and friends

Age range Categories

8 - 12 years old

13 -17 years old

Expository Writing Topic

Christmas is nearing, and your family has a history of celebrating the holidays in style. This year you have been asked to plan your families holiday celebration. How would you prepare the perfect family celebration for your family? 

Tip: Don’t forget about the decorations, foods, activities, and gifts

Writing Instructions

Write five (5) paragraphs

1. Introduction -- Strong important theme/arguments/main ideas (at least 3)

2. Point 1 - Supporting paragraph stemming from Introduction

3. Point 2 - Supporting paragraph stemming from Introduction

4. Point 3 - Supporting paragraph stemming from Introduction

5. Conclusion – Tie conclusion back to introductory paragraph (summarizing 3 supporting paragraphs without specifically duplicating the introduction). The story should come to an end. Within the Conclusion – Is there a call to action? Is there something you want to change? Is there something you’d do differently?

Encourage your child(ren) to use their five (5) senses when describing/giving creative details. I want your children to “show not tell”






Writing Rules

Double space

Check spelling and punctuation

Type/Print/Cursive (your choice). Just be sure the writing is legible.

Parents, please attach your child’s writing and forward to my email address:

Selection Process

From the entries, Dr. Cherrye will select one winner from each age range category. Participants must follow instructions and submit quality, creative expository writing.

Prize Winnings
Dr. Cherrye will send your child paperback copies of her two writing journals titled:

Affirmation Daybook Journal

Diversity Daybook Journal

& $25.00 gift card

Important Notes

Please see my website @ https://www.booksthatsow for more information about my two writing journals.

I will contact parents by email determining how to forward your child’s prizes.

Thanks for encouraging your child to participate.

Dr. Cherrye 

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