Dear Educator!​

As a retired public-school administrator and an adjunct professor, I fully endorse this collection of 

materials and encourage their age appropriate use in the classroom. Each has a practical application, including certificates and exercises intended to promote good character and appreciation for diversity in the classroom environment. I will continue to add to this valuable resource so please return often to avail yourself of all updates.


​My Word is My Bond.doc

Certificate-My Word is MyBond.doc

Collage-A Work of Expression.doc

Crossword Puzzle Worksheet

Crossword Puzzle Answer Key.doc


​Cultural Diversity Bingo Game.doc

Helping Children Manage Conflict.doc

Helping Students Value Diversity.doc

Illustrating the Concept of Diversity and Respect Using Lemons as a Prop

President Obama Speech to Students.mp4

Remarks of President Barack Obama - As Prepared for Delivery - Back to School Speech

Rings of My Multicultural Self.doc


​Smooth Transition from a Harsh Reality to Hard Work: Using Softer Tones to Build, Mold and Create Better Writing Habits within Children

Tell and Then Show.doc

The Life and Values of Booker T. Washington.mp4

There's a New Student in My Class.ppt

Writing a Newsletter Team Building.doc