Bullying Must End!



If you are a child, teen, parent or educator and seek friendly and supportive insight into the overwhelming social stigma of bullying, you’ve come to the right place! As a Mother and Educator whose child has been victimized on more than one occasion, I am intensely motivated to direct my experience and educational expertise toward combatting and resolving this anti-social behavior where I find it, most often in the classroom. To this end, I have dedicated my full time effort toward strategizing solutions and to writing highly popular books to address numerous social and relationship issues in kid friendly ways, yet still relevant for parental reading and for classroom learning as well. Anti-bullying laws have been enacted to combat and promote Bullying Prevention Programs at the school level. 

Sadly, it is widely acknowledged that bullying has reached pandemic/epidemic proportion, ranging from name calling, physical attacks, and more seriously, to cyber bullying, each demanding trained intervention to assist both the bully and the bully-ee. In no way, does helping the bully justify the behavior but it serves to identify what is causing the child to act out inappropriately and to address those issues in a supportive way toward developing healthy and friendly relationships with his/her peers. Similarly, children who are victims of the bully must be provided a safe environment to seek support, resolution and a sense of security. Comfortable peer relationships are an inherent right of every child just as every parent deserves the peace of mind in knowing that their child is happy and thriving each and every day. Please explore these pages and share what I have learned.  I regard this site as a developing resource so hope you return often to catch up with what’s new on this sensitive topic. 

It is ever my mission… 

To sow the seeds that promote diversity, build character and grow strength!