A warm welcome from the anti-bullying advocate! Dr. Cherrye S. Vasquez

About Cherrye


About Cherrye

The Author, Cherrye S. Vasquez, is a retired public school administrator, an adjunct professor and an anti-bully advocate. Among her many credentials, Cherrye holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Curriculum & Instruction, a Master of Education in Special Education and a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Pathology/Audiology. Specializing in Multi-Cultural education, she holds certification in Early Childhood Handicapped, Mid-Management and Educational Diagnostician. Among Cherrye’s broad spectrum of qualifications, is her ongoing literary contribution of critical reading material for children, teens, parents and educators, representative of her quest to promote diversity and anti-bullying dispute resolution in schools and in the home, indeed nationwide.  As an Author of children's books, and blogger, Cherrye's roster includes a growing library of noteworthy titles, always with new works in progress.  Her ongoing quest to explore and develop strategies for children to cope with and resolve intensifying societal issues is a pivotal plank in her platform.


My Role & Mission

As an author of children's books, blogger and anti-bullying advocate, my goal is to support and guide educators, parents and children in achieving a healthy, secure peer school, playgrounds, on the internet and wherever bullying occurs.   ​​ 


Children Always Come First!

Explore these pages with this anti-bully advocate, author of children's books, and blogger and learn to recognize the signs of bullying and how to engage in achieving corrective solutions. Discover why the process is not complete until the needs of the BULLY (perpetrator) and the BULLY-EE (victim) are fully addressed.

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As a blogger, author of children's books, and anti-bullying advocate, this video will give you a greater sense of my mission to help children, teens, parents and educators work through the snares of bullying.